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Libble nimmt den Missbrauch seiner Dienste sehr ernst. Geben Sie bitte Ihre Email-Adresse ein. Nikon Camera Control Pro 1 Anleitung. Cam e ra Cont rol Pro Reference Ma nual. Ov er view. Usi ng Cam e nikon camera control pro 2 manual free Co nt rol Pro. Thi s secti on l i sts pr e fe r enc e s and desc ribes how t o un insta ll the sof tware.

It is required. Prod uc t key. Brauchen Sie Hilfe? Stellen Sie Ihre Frage. Appendices This section lists preferences and describes how to uninstall the software. Do not lose this key.

It is required when installing or upgrading this software and can not be replaced if lost. Be sure to read this manual thoroughly, and to keep it handy when using Camera Control Pro. Conventions This manual assumes basic knowledge of cameras and Windows or Finder operations. Refer to the documentation provided with your computer or camera for more information. While the majority of the illustrations frfe from Windows XP, save where otherwise noted por operations described are the same in other operating systems.

Some illustrations are composites. This manual is A5 size, allowing facing pages to be printed on a single sheet nikon camera control pro 2 manual free A4 paper to print facing pages, start printing from an even-numbered page. Camera Control Pro can not be used to modify existing photographs. The controls in the Camera Control Pro window vary with the type of camera connected.

More information on camera settings may be found in the documentation provided with your camera. Illustrations Save where otherwise noted, the illustrations in this section show the dialogs displayed when the D2Xs is connected. Note The copying or reproduction of copyrighted creative works such as books, music, paintings, woodcut prints, maps, drawings, movies, and photographs is governed by national and international copyright laws.

Do not use the camera for the purposes of making illegal copies or to infringe copyright laws. Do not use in venues where photography or recording is prohibited. Pentium is a trademark of Intel Corporation.

All other trade names mentioned in this manual or the other documentation provided with your Nikon product are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

See the camera manual for details. Adjust contrast. D70s D70 D50 Adjust color saturation. The chapter you are currently viewing is displayed in a darker color. Click the text to follow the link note that a web browser and an Internet connection are required to link to the World Wide Web. To return to the previous topic, click the button in Adobe Reader. The camera may not function as expected when connected via a hub, contgol cable, or keyboard. See the website below for the latest camdra on boards that have been tested and approved for use.

Check the support information nikon camera control pro 2 manual free the website below for the latest on compatible cameras and operating systems. Europe ,Africa: www. Connect the camera directly to the computer. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Custom Install: Install selected software. This button is not displayed in the trial version. Register Here: Register your Nikon product on-line Internet connection required.

This button does not appear in some regions. The trial version does cobtrol show this dialog. Click Install. If a dialog is displayed directing you to restart the computer, follow the on-screen instructions. This completes installation of Camera Control Pro. Users of D2-series cameras can select any mode other than M-UP mirror up.

The D70S, D70, and D50 can be connected in any shooting mode. Turn the camera on. Windows Choose Mass Storage. Click OK to close the warning and display the following window. Preferences can be adjusted using the options in the menu bar. For information on connecting the camera, nikon camera control pro 2 manual free the camera manual. Product Key If prompted to supply a product key key, enter the key found on the product packaging and click OK.

Users of the trial version will see a dialog listing the time remaining in the thirty-day trial period; click Trial to use the trial version or Buy if available to visit a website where приведу ссылку can purchase a product key.

Be sure not to lose the key, as it may be required when re-installing or upgrading the product. If the computer is connected to the Internet, Nikon Message Center will automatically check for updates when Camera Nikon camera control pro 2 manual free Pro starts.

You can also check for updates by selecting Check for Ftee Updates… from the Help menu. If an update is available, an update dialog will be displayed. Downloading Updates An Internet connection is required to download updates. The user bears all applicable fees charged by the phone company or Internet service provider. Dial-up Connections When using a dial-up connection, be aware that the connection is not automatically terminated when download is complete.

Be sure to terminate the connection manually. The dialog shown at below will be displayed. See the PictureProject manual for details. After adjusting the above options, click OK to exit the dialog and camerx settings to subsequent photographs. Select an option once to enable it, again to disable it.

Information on picture orientation can be added during download as described in Step 4. The Status dialog shown below will be displayed. Close button triangle To display a histogram of the current image, click the triangle at the bottom of the Status dialog. To display histograms for the red Rgreen Gand blue B channels, put a check in the corresponding box.

Next image Show focus area Fit to screen Display next image Display focus area used when taking picture. Focus area is displayed in frre. Delete Delete current image. The Time Lapse Photography manul will be displayed. Keep shooting until cancelled If this option is checked, the camera will continue to take photographs until you click Stop Shooting in the Time Lapse Photography dialog. To change bracketing options, click Set BKT The dialog shown at right will be displayed. Choose cameda bracketing is performed in manual nikon camera control pro 2 manual free mode.

Bracketing type and bracketing order are not available with the D This option is not available when Keep shooting until cancelled is selected. When taking photographs at longer intervals, use an AC adapter available separately to power the camera.

During Time-Lapse Photography The camera can not be operated during time-lapse photography. No nikon camera control pro 2 manual free operations can be performed until the Time Lapse Photography dialog is closed.

Click Stop Shooting to end time lapse photography at any time. Error Logs If an error occurs during shooting, an error log will be displayed; click OK to close the log and return to the Nikon camera control pro 2 manual free Control Pro window.

Return to the Time Смотрите подробнее Photography dialog and adjust settings as directed. Hard Disk Full A warning will appear when space is no longer available on the destination disk for photographs taken using time lapse photography. Use the information in the warning to camdra the number of photographs or change the destination drive.

Connection Status Connection status This area shows microsoft office 2010 plus configuration not complete free following information about the camera currently connected: Camera nikon camera control pro 2 manual free D70 D50 Camera orientation D2-series D D70S If On or Automatic the default setting is selected for the auto image rotation option in the camera setup menu, camera nikon camera control pro 2 manual free will be indicated by an icon as shown below.

Clicking on an indicator in the panel opens the Camera Control Pro window to the tab that controls the selected option, where adjustments can be made. Click this button to take a photograph. If a D is connected, or if Enable controls on the camera body is checked when a D70S, D70, or D50 is connected, it will show the current exposure mode but the mode itself must be selected using the camera function dial.

Shutter speed can only be adjusted in Manual and Speed Priority modes, when it can be prk to values between the maximum and minimum values supported by the camera. Use high shutter speeds to freeze motion, low shutter speeds to suggest motion by blurring moving objects. Aperture can only be acmera in Manual and Aperture Priority modes, when it can be set to manula nikon camera control pro 2 manual free maximum and minimum aper ture small apertures microsoft project standard 2016 download trial free download high f-numbers, wide aper tures low f-numbers; the actual aper tures available depend on the lens used.


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• To users of cameras other than the D3, D, DS, D, D, and D Image Capture, iPhoto, Nikon Transfer 2, and other software will not show the pictures stored on memory cards inserted in the camera. The pictures will be displayed when you quit Camera Control Pro 2. A-M (automatic-manual) switch enables quick changing from autofocus to manual! Af not supported by D40, D60, D & D cameras. The most compact Nikon Micro-NIKKOR lens for portrait, copy work, and field close-up range correction (CRC) system provides high performance at both near and far focusing distances. Nikon’s D hd camera is built for today’s multi media photographer with Mp FX-format CMOS sensor, Produce to your exacting vision when working in manual mode, controlling aperture, ISO, AF and shutter speed. Learn more about the Camera Control Pro 2 – Full version (Digital download) $ Something went wrong. Please try.


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